Pet Care Is A Natural Stress Buster

Stress Relief Techniques

Pets — Most households in the U.S. have at least one pet. For those of you who do not have a pet, you may wonder how could having a pet help relieve stress. Certainly, with the added burden of taking care of a personal pet, wouldn't that add stress to your daily routine? Not if you do your homework. You must pick a pet that matches your personality, time schedule, energy level, and living accommodations. Once you determine which pet is right for you, you'll be on your way to a great relationship, a new companion, along with added health benefits.

What does the research and studies reveal concerning pet ownership? Many studies have been done revealing the health benefits of owning a pet. Here are a few you might find quite interesting:

Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society commented that researchers over the last two decades have indicated that pets have a positive impact on social relationships, physical health, and psychological well-being. Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) said having a pet can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol level, triglyceride level, and feelings of loneliness.

National Institutes of Health reported that pet ownership was helpful in combating depression for the elderly in situations where there was inadequate human social support.

In a press release from the University of California, Los Angeles it stated that researchers found that men with AIDS who did not own a pet were about three times more likely to report symptoms of depression than men who did not have AIDS. But men with AIDS who had pets were only about 50 percent more likely to report symptoms of depression, as compared to men in the study who did not have AIDS.

More Social Contacts

If you are stressing from loneliness, having a pet is another way to meet people. Pet lovers are everywhere. Most people love to strike up a conversation about those cute little or big critters.

Unconditional Love

It's nice just to go home and relax. No confrontation, no expectations, just you and your pet or pets. Relax and kick your shoes off for a stress-free evening. Your pet is always there for you no matter how bad a day you have had.

Yes, being a responsible pet owner will help you reduce your daily stress levels. From fish tanks to beautiful exotic birds, there's quite a variety of different pets you can enjoy. If you cannot actually own a pet, you may want to try volunteering in a pet shelter or a local veterinarian's office. Working with the animals on a limited basis may be just what you need to forget your troubles and relieve some of your stress.

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