Artistic Expression - A Great Natural Stress Buster

Stress Relief Techniques

You might be thinking—I’m not an artist. If anything, just trying to create something would probably stress me out. Relax. You don't need to be a "Michael Angelo" to benefit from the various forms of "artistic expression." What is meant by the term artistic expression? How can artistic expression help you to relieve stress in your life? How and where do you start?

Artistic Expression

Expressing yourself through the arts can be a natural stress buster. The arts include visual arts, playing or creating musical arrangements, creative writing or poetry, as well as different forms of dance. You don't need to be a professional artist in any of these arts. Just be yourself—express yourself.

Another way many have been allowed to express themselves through art, is art therapy. Art therapy is a mental health profession that also uses the creative process of art-making to improve the well-being of people physically, mentally, and emotionally. This therapy has been used to help post-traumatic victims, cancer patients, and juvenile offenders to help deal with negative emotions and behavior.

Can artistic expression really help relieve stress?

Artistic expression has many benefits that will help reduce the stress in your life:

Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
According to the National Institute of Health it reduces anxiety and stress, improves well-being, and improves motivation.
Creative process involved in making art raises the serotonin level which in turn improves moods and calmness.
Art therapy has helped many people deal with negative emotions and behavior.
Artistic expression can improve self-confidence.
Increase cognitive skills
Helps depression

Artistic expression sounds difficult. So how do you get started? Perhaps you have a hidden desire you have never fulfilled, such as being a dancer or painting a beautiful picture. Don't worry about how proficient you might be. Just get started. It is important to consider the cost and proximity of the activity you choose. If you are on a budget, start small. For instance, if you want to paint; invest in one painting sheet tablet, some cheap paints, and a few brushes. Take it slow and have fun. You can always buy more supplies as you expand in your technique. However, if you don't like painting, you haven't invested much. Your loss will be small. Also make sure to pick an activity that fits into your schedule. If you don't have a lot of time, pick an activity that is close to your home or can be done at home.

Where can you go to help express your artistic ability? Here are some places that may have activities you are looking for:

Community Center
Local Library – videos and books pertaining to various stages of learning about your favorite art.
Community College or University – (if you have one near you) offers different classes such as pottery, photography, and painting.
Art Centers – offers community classes for different skill levels and ages.
Private Studios
Associations or Clubs

Some areas you might take a look at are watercolor painting, crafts, knitting, interior decorating, dancing, creative writing, poetry, and song writing. There are many more choices you may consider before beginning your new adventure. Start relieving your stress today and have fun at the same time!

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